Best Character Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage

Best Character Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage
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Fire Emblem Engage brings cool new mechanics to the sport below the identify of Emblem Rings. Thanks to this function, you get to pair your items with the essences of the heroes of the Fire Emblem universe and have them combat for you.

You have the liberty to decide on the pairings in accordance with your preferences, however the sheer variety of choices can get complicated simply. That’s why we created this information to the perfect character pairings in Fire Emblem Engage in our opinion.

Some gentle spoilers are potential as sure characters unlock afterward in the sport, so tread rigorously.

Best Marth Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Marth is a superb pairing for Alear, the primary character. No surprise this bond occurs by default in the sport. Since Marth has some nice offensive expertise, he additionally pairs nicely with help characters like Kagetsu or Diamant, however whoever you mix him with, your entire get together will profit from his assault increase.

Best Sigurd Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

The greatest Sigurd pairing will depend upon how far alongside in the sport you’re. Combining his powers with Alfred is okay at first as they’re each mounted items, however you possibly can check out pairing Sigurd with Vander and even Veyle.

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Best Celica Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Celica is all about magic, so probably the most logical alternative for this pairing could be Ivy, Clanne, or Celine. Using Celica is nice for ranged assaults because of her Warp Ragnarok capability, however ensure that to guard her from counter-attacks.

Best Micaiah Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

This ring comes with nice therapeutic powers, so you could instantly take into consideration pairing it with Jean. However, Micaiah’s expertise work nice with flying characters like Hortensia too. If you’re going to depend on Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice whereas paired with a healer-type, ensure you have a secondary healer on the workforce.

Best Roy Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

If you need to velocity up the assault energy of your unit, Roy is the symbol you’re searching for. His Advance and Hold Out expertise work nice on characters like Alfred, Diamant, or Goldmary as they improve their survival energy and allow them to attain in any other case untouchable enemies.

Best Leif Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Leif is versatile and provides nice boosts to weapon-wielding items, so a few of the greatest pairings involving Leif could be with Jade or Louis, however you possibly can experiment with combining this emblem ring with Alear as nicely. No matter who you select, the enemies are going to have a troublesome time resisting Leif’s Quadruple Hit.

Best Lyn Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Another wonderful emblem for items that depend on ranged assaults, Lyn is great with the flyer Chloe or the covert-type Alcryst and his bow. Her Alacrity and Speedtaker expertise give speed-reliant items an excellent deadlier impact, so think about that when selecting who to pair Lyn with in your workforce.

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Best Lucina Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Indispensable in front-line fight, the talents that include Lucina’s ring will work nice with help characters as nicely. This emblem means that you can name upon different allies and have them concentrate on a single goal or use the Bonded Shield and defend others. We beneficial pairing Lucina with Diamant or an excellent spicier mixture with the archer Alcryst.

Best Ike Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

If you need to minimize by means of enemy strains with none worry of injury, Ike is the symbol for you. You can do that ring on Alear or maintain it for a considerably extra apparent alternative—Diamant. With Ike’s Laguz Friend talent, Diamant can develop into actually unstoppable.

Best Byleth Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Byleth works nicely with a whole lot of totally different items, so whoever you select to put on this ring could be a sensible choice. Still, utilizing Byleth with flying items like Hortensia or Chloe or a healer like Jean is the path you could need to take right here as a result of Byleth’s powers will make these help items a lot stronger.

Best Corinn Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Corinn is nice for strategizing and ensuring the battle goes the best way you need it, because of her Dragon Vein capability that alters the terrain. Until you get Pandreo or Veyle, you possibly can take into consideration pairing this emblem with Yunaka and conceal your workforce in a mist when wanted.

Best Eirika Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

With Eirika, you get her brother Ephraim as nicely, which implies a pleasant double set of expertise you possibly can make the most of. Because of nice protection and therapeutic and the flexibility to tank a whole lot of harm, Eirika is ideal for front-line fighters like Merrin or Mauvier.

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And that covers our checklist of the perfect character pairings in Fire Emblem Engage. The great thing about this sport lies in the liberty it affords to gamers to mix and increase items with these highly effective emblems, so be happy to experiment and discover the mixtures that work greatest for you.

Let us find out about pairings you discover notably helpful and take a look at our different Fire Emblem Engage guides, together with How to Get the Levin Sword and Is Fire Emblem Engage the Best Game in the Series?

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