Best Time to Reclass in Fire Emblem Engage – Class Change Guide

Best Time to Reclass in Fire Emblem Engage – Class Change Guide

Fire Emblem Engage is a single-player tactical RPG for the Nintendo Switch the place gamers can select, prepare, and degree up their models to assist them in battle. Units might be upgraded to the next class however this needs to be accomplished on the proper second. Find out extra beneath to discover out the perfect time to reclass in Fire Emblem Engage – class change information.

Promoting and Reclassing Units in Fire Emblem Engage

Promoting models in Fire Emblem Engage will increase their stats, levelling them up and making them the next tier than they had been beforehand, and permitting them to use extra weapons. It can also be attainable to change their class altogether. If the category is modified then their degree is returned to degree 1.

Promoting a unit to the Advanced Class requires a Master Seal, obtainable from Chapter 7 onward, or in the Item Shop from Chapter 13. If you require your models to be reclassed into another class of the identical tier you will have to purchase a Second Seal, obtainable from treasure chests or from the Item Shop for two,500 Gold.

Best Time to Reclass in Fire Emblem Engage – Class
Fire Emblem Engage

When trying to reclass or promote a unit your unit will want to be at the very least degree 10. This often occurs round Chapter 10 in the sport. If the upcoming battle appears like it’s going to be notably powerful then it’s price selling your models to Advanced Class. Promoting early provides you stronger models and extra likelihood of constructing it via battles.

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Players can proceed growing the stats of their Advanced Class models by spending a Second Seal to reset their degree. The degree will reset to 1 however the stats will keep the identical. The unit can then be levelled up once more, and the stats will hold growing.

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Fire Emblem Engage

Reclassing requires a degree of Weapon Proficiency which might be seen in their Class Change record. Increase the Weapon Proficiency by reaching sure Bond Levels with particular Emblems. This may also higher the unit’s efficiency. To reclass the unit, go to the Class Change menu and see the record of lessons obtainable. Just choose the one you need and ensure your selection.

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So to conclude, reclassing models requires the participant to be at the very least degree 10, and might be achieved after Chapter 10. A Second Seal can be wanted, as will a sure degree of Weapon Proficiency. The greatest time to reclass is early on in the sport, if you find yourself determining what lessons you need and wish on your models.

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